Thursday, April 23, 2009

what i am reading

While at the library I ran across the Andrew Morton biography of Tom Cruise, and decided to read it. While not a massive fan, but not a naysayer, I thought it would be interesting to read. It was not viewed with favour when I brought it home, and when my mom visited a few days later she was oddly fascinated. Mr Morton does a good job of busting a few of the myths of TC's childhood, and showing his rapid rise to fame. I really hadn't realised how young he was when he go his first breaks. He really didn't have any time at all wen he was a starving actor.
The story gets a little boring when it starts to go into the various romances- primarily because he seems to conduct them in a very odd way.
The Scientology bits are odd, to say the least. They really went after him to join and have put a lot of effort into catering to his wishes.
Given the level of control that TC generally has, and the aggressive methods used it is very interesting to find a book that outlines so many details of his life. That said he does break a few of the more persistent myths down (TC is gay and the 'tom wanted to be a monk').
Not my usual reading material, but a nice break.

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