Wednesday, April 22, 2009

just because

The americanisation of australian english (or english english or NZ etc etc etc). Every so often some newspaper or tv show gets on their high horse about the amount of american tv/movie/ radio content. The latest issue is the request to allow parallel importation of books into Australia. Quite honestly, I see no problem with this- cheap books! yay! but people have protested because shock horror we might get books that use americanisms and that just can't happen. So the complaining about how we are being invaded by american pronunciations and slang and losing the australian phrases.

Firstly- Australia has plenty of interesting slang phrases and words- more than enough to withstand the paler american versions. People use "rapt"in every day conversation- how good is that?
Secondly- the stuff that people are complaining about it isn't a US accent but a southern california one. The rest of the country uses different words, phrases and expressions
Thirdly- languages change, evolve and move on. this is normal. Trying to freeze a language in time is so very French (and isn't all that successful)

Anyway, as a token american in australia, it is frustrating to hear about how terrible my accent and expressions are- as if it is all my fault.

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